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Traditionally an ingredient brand, Dolby Technologies was looking to introduce themselves in a new way by creating a web platform that allowed them to speak directly to consumers. My role on this project was lead designer, working with Odopod as Dolby’s partner agency.

Setting A Cinimatic mood and visualizing sound.

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Setting the mood

Through the use of color, type, and imagery our team was able to create a visual language that was cinematic and captivating.

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Explore and find

The approach to the navigation was to to promote exploration and discovery, making it easy for the user to move around and explore all of Dolby’s content. The goal was to educate the user on the breadth of what Dolby offers.

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The goal was to highlight current events, Dolby’s brand values, and featured products – emphasizing Dolby’s business and brand priorities.
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Dolby’s Reach

Dolby’s technologies offer far more than most consumers realize. Creating unique categories for the different types of technologies allowed us to tell a broader story across product categories.

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Products & Technologies

Dolby offers a wide range of products and creating a smooth user experience was our goal. Technologies product pages allowed for more detailed explanations and demonstrations of product benefits.

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dolby theater
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The Design System

We created a responsive design system that thoughtfully broke down to tablet and mobile. We also applied color to the different Dolby categories to create a unique feel from page to page.

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